a hopeful educational choice

It is nothing new and no surprise to anyone who knows my family that my dd13 hates school … like it’s been a struggle from the beginning!! I enrolled her in 2 afternoons only a  week preschool and THAT was a challenge! I had an idea that her and I and her school life would be a  … head on collision? ….. a constant war? ….. a VERY long ordeal?! all of the above?! ding ding ding we have a winner!

When she went to kindergarten… and I chose the afternoon class for her … I would have to give her an hour at a time warnings …. it’s time to think about taking your pj’s off … it’s time to think about putting on your pants … ok time for lunch … 20 min warning .. or more like I would have to say 1 episode of arthur and then it’s time to go … EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL DAY was this way … her kindergarten teacher sat me down one day and said ” you know her and her sister are really different right? ” .. her older sister above her is only 15 months older and therefore only 1 grade higher then her…. it was like um yah DUH I am raising them, I know they are totally different!!

From then to now I have had many calls from teachers/principals … my favourite was when she climbed on the toilet and looked over the stall at the sake of the mortified teacher who was in the next stall…. yup she has kept me and the school teachers on our toes!

The year my marriage fell apart was the hardest on her and my oldest as far as their school work was concerned. It was like both of them came to a full stop. It was hard to manage as I was just trying to survive it all myself and care for all 4 of them and all that that entailed.

This didn’t help my overly sensitive highly emotional say it how she feels it at every single moment misunderstood child. Not in any way.

The beginning of her last year of elementary brought a whole new set of changes … I was engaged to be married, so was her dad …. it was a lot for her …. understatement. I thought my biggest school challenge was going to be getting them to graduate high school .. at this point I would have been happy for her just to finish elementary school. I felt foolish when the school repeatedly called to see if she was going that day … we were on a first name basis …. I am sure they thought I was failing big time as a mom … I felt like I was failing…. in the end I realized that I no longer could threaten nor throw her over my shoulder and drag her to school … she was now taller then me, physically stronger then me and at this point out willing me in the stubborn category…props for that as that is NO easy task 🙂 . I spilled a lot of tears in frustration and worry that year.

The beginning of this school year started out with a lot of promise … high school was here and she was so excited to be a part of everything teenager. My worry … her wanting to be a  part of everything teenager!!! she put in a ton of effort …went to classes and everything seemed to going well…until she had a run in with a group of girls … and the anxiety that has plagued her so much of her life rose up and it all was starting to be too much for her to handle. I have been impressed by how much she plugged through and after a meeting with our family Dr he told me he thought a semester of on-line schooling, which she was now demanding every day, would be a good idea for her. Simply said… she needs a break.

The hard part … I don’t work from home… at least not yet and am starting to contemplate if I should and how that would even be possible!! … would she be self motivated? what is the best program? I didn’t even know where to begin … so I put a status on Facebook and a friend suggested Surrey Connects … so I called the school board, they gave me the number and some info and I called Surrey Connects and low and behold the Vice Principal I was told to speak too actually answered the phone and we had a great 20 min conversation about my daughter and about the program and I had a feeling… this was going to be a good fit.

Today we had our “interview” …. got the tour… received all the information … fact is IF she does 2-3 hours a day of work, every school day, she could successfully complete grade 8 by April… she almost squealed at that idea!! She shared why she wanted to do this program .. he asked some tough questions … he was so nice and friendly and informative … he put my questions at ease and in the end we signed her up!

The amount of support she will receive is mind blowing …. I feel like a weight has lifted off my shoulders and I totally get that this is just the start and she has to prove that she can be motivated and STAY motivated! I get that this doesn’t mean I am struggle free where her schooling is concerned… but I have hope renewed and at this point that is an answer to prayer!

I am so thrilled that a program like Surrey Connects even exists!! I SOOOOOO wish that someone at her school last year when she was struggling so much would have suggested it to us .. they know about it after all!!! so I don’t get the lack of advertising, the lack of using this school as a sooner resort then a last resort and the child is burned out and done with the system. Time will tell how she will do in the program and I am hopeful that this is the right choice for her and our family …. I want to tell every parent that is struggling with a child and the typical school system to check it out!! http://www.surreyconnect.sd36.bc.ca

To know that there are more options, that there are educators that can support my daughter more effectively, that we have choice …. it’s huge! it’s a relief! and I feel hopeful in a situation that didn’t feel hopeful, for a very long time!


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On a new journey and therefore a new blog was the order of the day! I love to write. I love to express myself. I love to brag on my family. This is my journey. My expression. Hoping that somehow someway maybe I can help a person or 2.
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