a holiday to remember

sisters in mexico 2November 2nd… not even a full week after getting home from our little road trip to California, my sisters and our hubbies minus 1 … met our parents in Mexico for a week to celebrate our parents 42nd Wedding Anniversary.

We arrived Sat night… that is a LONG trip to Cancun from Vancouver! and the forecast for the week was rain … it didn’t disappoint! I have never seen rain like that in my life! Paul and I were on the top floor and we were all kind of scattered in the same section of the Lagoon Hotel (my parents have a time share there) … we woke to a river running down the stairs… like I kid you not! we had to take our shoes off and walk carefully and were soaked by the time we made it to the lobby… the rooms were all accessed outside, it’s actually a really cute quaint hotel… my parents woke up to water bubbling up their shower.. it didn’t take long and they had 4 inches of water in their room (they were on the ground level) .. they moved all their things into my room and soon after our deck was flooded and the water was coming in through the sliding door … then the ceiling began to leak and not long after that plaster was falling off the ceiling!! who knew we needed a raft and a hard hat to stay in Mexico?! Needless to say we needed 2 new rooms, problem was the hotel was full.. so was the other time share hotel just across the lagoon where we stayed with my girls almost 4 years ago … the only hotel in their time share that had room was the Hacienda Tres Rios which was an upgrade to the Lagoon … we quickly packed our stuff and were escorted to the resort in Playa de Carmen … upon walking into this resort we couldn’t help but thank the rain and flooding cuz it was quite the upgrade.. from cute and quaint to fancy and about 5 times the size… this resort also had a ton more to do and with the rain being on the forecast all week we were relieved that we wouldn’t be playing Monopoly in a hotel lobby all week 🙂

Sometimes huge blessings follow small disasters!


shannon and i snorkeling (we snorkelled hand in hand as water is not a comfortable place for either of us, but being the strong determined women we are 🙂 we don’t want to let us stop it from experiencing all we can!)


All week we were treated to an amazing show in the sky… I am not sure I have ever heard thunder like that or have ever seen so much lightening in 1 weeks time! it was quite spectacular! This resort has snorkelling, kayaking, sailing, soooo many pools, entertainment, in hotel shopping and 5 restaurants to choose to eat at! .. our rooms were also very nice with walk in showers, cable and our room had a hot tub on our deck 🙂 …. there was however a distinct odour of mould in the rooms that I can still smell in my make up brushes and my dresses! It was quite obvious their ventilation system didn’t work if indeed they had one! it was quite brutal … my ears are starting to ring and ache as me and mould are not friends.. who is though?! and I am thinking I am going to have to have all my dresses dry cleaned to get rid of the smell… not too impressed with that! the staff at the Tres Rios were amazing.. so friendly and really made a fun experience at the resort. The food … well the food was ok.. some was really good and some was barely tolerable and then I woke up Thursday morning at 3am to a very loud noise happening in my belly… NOT GOOD … I spent the better part of Thursday in my room 😦 .. I missed riding the segways but there was no way I could leave the safety of my room!!  but Friday I was determined to enjoy the last day there and I went sailing with my hubby!! I LOVED it … if you know me and my fear of water that is a pretty big step … we actually loved it so much we are looking for a little catarmaran for us to buy and take the girls out all summer long 🙂


paul and i sailing

lise in rain in mexico( standing in the monsoon)

sisters in mexicoSpending time with my sisters and family was amazing …. this is a rare treat as 1 sister lives in Ontario and 1 lives in the Kootenay’s its hard for us to all be together. We got to relax together and talk and talk and talk … one of the best memories was my hip check to my sister sending her flying backwards into the pool 🙂 I will never forget her flaying arms and the look on her face as she was flung backwards into the pool 🙂 … after which she jumped on me and squeezed the water out of her bathing suit on me and tried to pick me up … uh hem yah that wasn’t going to happen 🙂 … it was a great great memory!

cliff and i kayaking We were able to go to a big park complete with an aquarium, snorkelling, swimming in caves, beaches, restaurants and an amazing entertaining show at the end of the evening showing off Mexico’s rich heritage in music, dance and brilliant costumes … it was pretty amazing to say the least. They also had a recreation of some Mayan games which was a little similar to hockey! 🙂

family in mexicoSo despite the sickness (of which I am still feeling the effects 😦 ) , the rain, moving resorts… it was simply a great time with my family. It was the first time my hubby met my brother in law from Ontario and it was just so fun to all hang out together. Now we are talking about our next holiday all together… hopefully not in Mexico .. I think I prefer Hawaii 🙂 and since I am still sick if I think about the food in Mexico I gag a little… but where ever we do meet up regardless of the weather or conditions just being together is worth it all!


As you can see from the pics above … I have put on a wee bit of weight … ok more like 25 pounds 😦 … I have put on 15 pounds since this August.. miscarriage weight …and 10 pounds since last summer and the hormone/woman issues I was having…  it’s awful and I feel every pound of it.. mind you I have lost about 5 at least since last Thursday getting sick in Mexico! so I made a decision to go and get help to lose this weight… diet and exercise will take me a long time, especially since I work with food and I hate exercise .. like I literally hate it, don’t get endorphins from it and I hate to sweat! … so today is day 1 .. it’s a 30 day program and the Dr overseeing me, a Natural-path, figures that I should lose between 20-25 pounds if I stick to the plan. She also is positive that this will correct the mild fatty liver I was diagnosed with last Spring. After giving her my full medical history she is pretty sure that since I have had oodles of tests and nothing showing up that this is my bodies way of getting rid of toxins … living a stress filled life has it’s effects and it makes me so glad knowing that I am in such a better place today. So I am optimistic and hoping that I will be able to stick with this plan .. I want to be healthy and obviously I don’t want to be carrying extra unhealthy weight! The Dr has a great success rate of helping women get pregnant and more importantly STAY pregnant .. so after the 30 days that is my next goal .. a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. I know so many think that I am crazy to want to “start all over” but I don’t look at it that way .. I see it as a continuing of my life’s journey and I have to say I LOVE MY LIFE! I love my kids, my family, my community and I adore my husband! I would love to have a piece of him and me join our family unit! But if for some reason it doesn’t happen then I am ok with that as well… life just keeps getting better and better and I am excited about how it is all unfolding!




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On a new journey and therefore a new blog was the order of the day! I love to write. I love to express myself. I love to brag on my family. This is my journey. My expression. Hoping that somehow someway maybe I can help a person or 2.
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