Road Trip 2013

I just returned from “Oregon Coast or bust 2013”!! This year added a few more people to my entourage! The first year I ventured to Seaside and stayed at the KOA which was lovely! and I only had 1 extra kid and my oldest daughter has yet to come with us, so there were only 4 youngsters in my charge.. 2 12 year olds, an 11 year old, and 9 year old! Last year I took my friends 3 kids with me.. by myself, so I had 1 13 year old, 3 12 year olds, 1 10 year old and 1 lonely 7 year old boy! and we went to the same place that we went this year.. Cape Kiwanda, Pacific City. This year we added another little boy (a great-nephew-in-law) to the charge and my niece-in-law had her little guy with us so that made the child list as follows… 1 14 year old, 3 13 year olds, 1 11 year old, 2 8 year olds, and 1 1.5 year old!! that’s a lot of kids!! One of my sister-in-laws also joined us and we had a great time! 3 adults and 8 children!! 

I made a promise to myself and the girls when I became single that come hell or high water I would take them somewhere for at least 1 week every summer until they no longer wanted to come. Time goes so fast and I realize how many wasted opportunities have come and gone… Carpe Diem … seize the day!!

This year I wasn’t so anxious to leave my hubby! being married to him is honestly the easiest decision I have ever made.. like ever! we were even just talking about that last night.. it’s only been 6 months but it feels like it’s been longer than that as being married to each other feels like the most natural thing in the world! I LOVE that feeling! I was glad however to have adult company joining me this year! and my sister-in-law and niece-in-law are 2 people that I also feel just so at home with … I have to say I was shocked that they even wanted to come with me.. I didn’t have that experience so much before.. the whole in-law wanting to join me on anything I was doing kind of thing.. any ways I was thrilled and like I said they are so easy to be with, it was just a natural thing! and after me getting us turned around a couple of times… cuz they even followed my directions and me in the lead in my old RV 🙂 …talk about trust!! and they might always get a copy of their own directions in the future, in fact I recommend it!! haha … we arrived and had mostly great weather and just a great time!!

I did get some quiet time.. thanks to the other 2 lovely ladies who took the boys on long bike rides and down to the beach and at this age the girls are all so independent! even my foofoomagoofoo is keeping up with the older girls now 😦 part of me is happy and part of me is sad to see her so grown up. I am still fighting this awful sore throat / cough thing and I had a couple of first really bad nights where I thought I could be possibly causing damage to my liver with the amount of extra strength tylenol I was popping!!! but it did get better and I am sooo relieved!! 

I love sitting around the fire with the girls… laughing, singing along to music.. dancing… just being together, trying to hold on to the memories of all just being together! this is why I do it… and like I said I know a day will come when they don’t want too or to busy with work, like my oldest daughter. Tick Tock. I love them still wanting to be with me, wanting to be silly with me, wanting to share with me. I just love them.

And now that I am home and completely exhausted haha I am honestly needing a break from the kids 🙂 just keeping it real!! 🙂 

So for next year… I am thinking of a new place… I had a bad experience with a camping neighbour and I think the place I stay at is under new management cuz I am not happy with how they said they couldn’t put our 2 sites closer together and then there were empty spots right by each other almost the whole time!! and I am ready to try a new place! I do love Oregon though… I love the NO TAX!! I LOVE the coast and the beaches.. they are flat white sand and big waves… almost like being in Hawaii or Mexico but all in a days drive!! it really does feel like you are far away without it being too much of a drive for me and driving there this time took 12.5 hours and coming home took 10 with all the stops and thats the max that I can do in 1 day! specially with the barfer I had coming home!! that smell mixed with the camping smell and the stuffy air that happens in the old RV… yah it was not so pleasant 🙂 so we shall see what next year brings!

If I have learned anything over the past several years is that change is constant and change is good!! and allowing yourself to be changed can lead you to amazing adventures!!


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On a new journey and therefore a new blog was the order of the day! I love to write. I love to express myself. I love to brag on my family. This is my journey. My expression. Hoping that somehow someway maybe I can help a person or 2.
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