a little stunned

It seems like I have been waiting for results for a long time.. this whole wondering what is wrong with me thing.. actually many times I have actually started to question whether I was a hypochondriac!! wondered what my sanity level was with feeling so blah so much of the time! Especially since it was such a contradiction to how I finally felt on the inside!! I just wanted to feel ALL good…even thought maybe that was too much to ask!


Now here I am almost a year later in the health spiral and I have 1 answer… still waiting on 3 more blood test results… and the answer was kind of shocking to me and I am still processing it all.


I have a fatty liver! yup a fatty liver! the 2 most common causes for a fatty liver is being obese or an alcoholic! and while I know I am definitely overweight and lately the scale has been tipping to a level I can hardly believe!!! I don’t think I am obese! and while I enjoy my wine with my girlfriends I don’t even come close to consuming the amount of alcohol it would require to be labelled an alcoholic…. so WHY do I have a fatty liver… great an answer with more questions!! hopefully the blood tests show an answer but then I hope not as diabetes is one of the other not so common causes.. I don’t want to have diabetes!!


So we, my Dr and I, looked at my family history… my paternal Grandmother died of liver cancer at 77 years old..which my Specialist I just saw said most likely started in her colon…most cancers of the liver start in the colon… but regardless they thought she had gallstones and when they went in to remove her gallbladder they saw her liver and the cancer there. She died a horrible death. She was completely yellow and skeleton like besides a massive bloated tummy… it was truly awful. In the early 90’s I was diagnosed with Lipomatosis.. a condition my dad and Grandma had/have as well.. basically it’s simply fat cells that congeal … to make it a short story.. my body does not break down fat!


So… with that information my Dr feels my liver is just doing the same as my tissue.. not breaking down fat! there is no traditional medication that can heal this … just a change of diet.. a big change of diet!


I have to be on a low fat low cal diet indefinitely…most likely the rest of my life. Now I realize this is not a bad thing but it does require a new mind set and I have to learn to shop different and cook different. I am putting the whole family on this! I realize it will be good for all of them especially considering the genetic history involved!


So no carbs, no sugar, no alcohol, low fat, little to no red meat.. and I am supposed to eliminate caffeine.. that for me is the hardest one by far! 


I am not in any immediate danger, that I know still waiting for those last blood results… but the Dr told me that in 20-30 years my liver would be done. I don’t want liver failure at 58-68 years old..heck I never want liver failure!! I want to be a great great Grandma!!


So I am making the changes… I am juicing my breakfast right now and trying to eat the right foods and learn to plan ahead (being a fly by the seat of my pants kind of person that is a HUGE struggle for me!) and make the diet changes I need to to be healthy and proactive about my health! I am just a little stunned at the news and wrapping my head around it all… it’s kind of a lot to take in!


I want to live and live well plain and simple! 


About lisehouweling1

On a new journey and therefore a new blog was the order of the day! I love to write. I love to express myself. I love to brag on my family. This is my journey. My expression. Hoping that somehow someway maybe I can help a person or 2.
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