My Wedding

Like with most important events and milestones in ones life the wedding has come and gone in a flash of memories and time ticked on by so quickly I can hardly believe how fast it all blew by!


Here is a recap.. and I am sure there will be many more blog posts to come to recap our amazing wedding.



I didn’t sleep the night before… I kept my poor sister Shash up most of the night with my tossing and turning and when I did sleep a little apparently I snored 🙂 so … there was not much sleep going on. I was so anxious… going over everything in my mind, trying to remember everything I had planned and sort of planned and things I was a little casual about I worried if I was too casual about and on and on it went. When I got up and saw it was a clear blue sky sun shining day I was thrilled. What could be more perfect on a cold winter day then to have a Sunshine break for your wedding day?! I don’t go looking for “signs or omens” but I certainly appreciated the sunshine and again was feeling so overwhelmed by how blessed my life has become.



My girls all came over for a Champagne Breakfast and helped to get us all ready! Xangelle did my photos and I will do a whole blog post soon on what this lady means to me and to have her there capturing the moments for me…with me.. was amazing! I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect woman / friend/ photographer to be with me! She has always seen things I haven’t and has been able to speak into my life in ways that no one has. She gave me a little card a couple of years ago when my world was crashing in on me… I put it up on my bathroom mirror and read it everyday … this morning as I looked at it and read it I could see how true and accurate the scripture was for me … she wrote out this “Psalm 51:15 Trust Me in your times of trouble. I WILL rescue you, and you will give me glory!.”  He has rescued me and I do give Him the glory! I can’t wait to see all the photos and the ones I have seen already are amazing!! these photos on this blog post are from photos my sister and daughters boyfriend took of the wedding…


Having my daughters be a part of my wedding was hugely important to me. They are obviously going through all these changes with me and are impacted by everything I do. To have them stand with me, accepting my husband was so important. They looked beautiful and I am so thrilled they loved being a part of it as well.




My Matron of Honor “Deener” has been a rock at my side for the past 3 years. She has been there for me pushing my butt past my comfort zones and encouraging me with her brutal honesty that I have come to love and admire and cannot imagine close friends without that honesty now. Throughout this journey she has seen my highs and lows and I was so honored to have her stand at my side as I started this new journey. She even gave a tear jerking speech at the reception… in rhyme no less cuz she knows I write in rhyme! she blew me away!


True to me I pushed a little to have written vows at our wedding… I love traditional vows but I wanted something personal as well from my heart to his and from his heart to mine. Anyone can repeat a vow but a written from the heart vow is what I knew I wanted part of the ceremony. This was way out of his comfort zone and I knew I was stretching him by asking him to write something… and then the real kicker for him… read it publicly in front of people, something he is NOT so comfortable with and he was worried that he would faint for sure!


When I wrote out my commitment statement I knew it would be in a poem form… cuz thats just how I write… and then my 14 year old came in when I was writing it and said hey mom what about including us in it as well.. I didn’t know they wanted me too but they did and so this is what I wrote


Today as I stand

I, Lise, declare you are my man

I will love you to my dying day

& sometimes even let you have the last say


I, Lise, promise to cheer you on

to run the race of Faith with you and beyond

To you, Paul, I will listen

you filled my heart with what was missin


Paul I will be your friend tried and true

I cannot imagine my life without you

To stand at your side, I feel so proud

and declare my love in front of this crowd


Paul with you I will look forward to getting old

and to keep you warm when you are cold

to be beside you every day of my life

I say clearly Paul I want to be your wife


Thank you for sending me that first smile

for taking a chance, for going that mile

Your taking me on with 4 girls in tow

a task so large your grey hairs will soon show


This crew previously known as the incredible Fab 5

a crew, I was sure, would eat you alive

Today this crew is now the Fab 6

You are the piece we needed in our mix


You’ve shown us love, you’ve shown us grace

You’ve shown us a reflection of the Father’s face

You’ve tried to be funny, you’ve tried to be smart

In the end we all fell in love with your heart


I, Lise, place my heart in your hand

by your side forever, I will stand

in good times and in bad

and yes even when you make me mad


I will even respect your dislike of PDA

I just know eventually I get my way

Today I have a healed heart bursting at the seams

Today we start the rest of our lives, following our dreams


I better wrap up these vows, this little poem

even I can hear our guests start to moan


Today I become your wife your lover and your friend

forever and ever until the very end

All this to say to you

Paul, I say, I DO


and then he read what he wrote…what he woke up at 4 am the Friday morning before the wedding knowing he was supposed to say to me and to my girls


he wrote


Tomorrow night will be 2 years ago that God spoke to me and said to me to move somewhere. Well somewhere led me to standing here. Lise you are everything I dreamed of and more and I am so glad I listened to God and His timing. I pray everyday that I will live up to the Godly standards that a husband should and that I will be humble and supportive and above all patient. I thank God for you and the girls daily and know that with God all things are possible and He will make me the role model I need to be. My best imagination of what my life was going to be a year ago pales in comparison to what is in store for me. A very beautiful strong willed Godly woman with 4 very beautiful strong willed children which I believe is the right number of women to keep me in line. All I ask Lise, Morgan, Emily, Hailey and Faith is to please have patience with me and know that everyday I spend with all of you I love you all more and more.

PS Sometimes I act like I do not like hugs, please disregard and keep hugging me, I need it.


needless to say there were not too many dry eyes…. 


ok this is going to have to be it for now…so much to do and get caught up and time is ticking!

more as soon as I can!





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On a new journey and therefore a new blog was the order of the day! I love to write. I love to express myself. I love to brag on my family. This is my journey. My expression. Hoping that somehow someway maybe I can help a person or 2.
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