My Honeymoon Part 2

The same day we walked around Old Town on our first day we went for a drive to downtown San Diego and happened upon the US Midway Aircraft Carrier.. it’s on Paul’s bucket list so we quickly made the decision to go aboard. 


2 of Paul’s nieces are serving on Air Craft Carriers and it so it was SOOOO cool to see what their life on board the ship was like.

These things are massive!! the free audio tour you can take takes 6 hours!! we didn’t do that but we walked around and went on a tour of the heart of the operation given by retired Navy Officers.. it was amazing! totally impressive that 18-20 year old boys…and now girls as well… run this thing! like we are talking millions of dollars and human lives are on the line and one little mistake and well… you can imagine! I can’t dream of what that kind of pressure is like!


 talk about doors and tight spaces!  I would not do well living on a ship! If you are ever in the San Diego area we highly recommend taking the time to go see the carrier.. it is NOT expensive and totally worth it! It was a highlight of the trip for us. 


 The view from the deck of the Aircraft Carrier.



That night we went out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory… I have never been before and I couldn’t get over the line up and how busy that place was. The cakes and cheesecakes all looked so amazing and I didn’t think I would ever be able to decide! the food was soooo good! and the service was impeccable. Since I am in the industry I sometimes am a bit of a hard customer to please cuz I get the standards… this place was just great! the server knew the menu items so well and made the best recommendations! I would have stolen her for our place if we had been in our home town! she was GOOD! 


The next day we headed off to Seaworld . 


We were a little surprised to see that the Christmas theme was still going on in the park… we were a little Christmas’d out! And it was a beautiful day and there were not too many people there… all bonuses…. the place itself was clean and FULL of shops… like every exhibit you go in you exit through another shop selling the same stuff as the last one! that would have been way more irritating if we had the girls cuz the please I want I need I have to haves would be never ending!!


 ok the penguins smelled so bad you could smell them before entering the exhibit and you couldn’t wait to get out … see the window streaks on the glass?! apparently penguins throw poop!! eeeehhh gad it was disgusting!!


 the sharks were pretty cool… going through the tunnel thingy, so glad I am not claustrophobic!

 We took the sky tram… Paul thinks its funny to sway the car.. I didn’t find it so funny 🙂 


 the dolphins were my favorite part… we actually got to touch them and see them right up close for a long time! it was pretty cool! one parent actually pulled a “Michael Jackson” and dangled her LITTLE baby over the water… like duh seriously some people should have to take a test before they have children…oops that was my outside public voice oh well… it’s true! you have to take a test to drive a car but any idiot can have a baby! k rant over….


Over all we were not that thrilled with SeaWorld.. the exhibits were really spaced far apart…although the roller coaster was awesome… the times of the shows were also spaced so far apart that if we wanted to see the Killer whale show we would have had to have sat around for several hours … not something we wanted to do! the food was ridiculous expensive and the price of admission…not worth it! plus we had to pay for parking! if you have really small children… the age where if you dangled them over the dolphin pool they could scream in terror or slap you in the face… then it would be a lot more fun.. for 2 adults not so much. Now that we have been there done that we don’t feel the need to do it again and we wouldn’t even bother taking the girls…especially after going the following day to the Zoo…now THERE is a park!!! and my next blog post!!






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On a new journey and therefore a new blog was the order of the day! I love to write. I love to express myself. I love to brag on my family. This is my journey. My expression. Hoping that somehow someway maybe I can help a person or 2.
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