My Honeymoon part 1


We went to San Diego for our Honeymoon…. we only had a week..not even quite a full week so we didn’t want to spend 2 days travelling and we wanted to go somewhere warm and on the Ocean…. well it wasn’t warm.. the highest it got was 62.. so sweater weather for us while the locals were wearing their parkas! I was hoping for some poolside sun worshiping but alas it wasn’t going to happen although I did try really hard one day to soak up some rays


but that didn’t last long … I quickly wrapped myself in the big towels and shivered as I watched kids play in the surf… kind of wondering to myself “when did I get so old?!” … but I was cold and so no tan! we will save that for our trip to Maui next month!


We upgraded our car rental to a convertible mustang …. ok since I remember I have wanted a mustang and this baby … well now I really want one! the only down side to the car is that when the top is up the blind spot is really big.. and living on the West Coast in a rain forest… well the top would be up a lot! so that is sucky but man does it have some serious guts and it turns beautifully!! I definitely recommend upgrading any car rentals to something fun! oh another good thing about the car we bombed around all week and only went through a half tank of gas! so another huge plus with this car!



The first night we arrived at the resort we were really disappointed to see that somehow we were put in the wrong room…like wrong wrong … like nothing like what I saw on line or requested …. we quickly called down to the front desk and they said they were sorry they were fully booked but they could move us to a new room the next day… that night we heard every car door slam as our room faced the courtyard where you entered…we heard the people in the room next to us cuz the walls were paper thin, we heard kids playing… yup brutal!! I also had the pleasure of hearing Paul snore all night … very loudly! … so it was not a good first night there.



We were also disappointed to hear that the steamship they have was out of commission until Feb…something else I didn’t see on their website although that would not have been a make it or break it reason… but I had been looking forward to it.


The next day.. our first full day in San Diego we decided to jump in the cool car… go to Target to buy some breath right strips so I could sleep and not hear him snore all night 🙂 and then we were off to Old Town …



did I mention how cool our car was?! 🙂 and how sexy my hubby looks driving it?! 🙂


Old Town was cool.. a lot of the shops were closed and most of the rest sold a lot of typical souvenirs… having just been to Mexico almost 2 years ago I didn’t feel the need to buy anything… but we walked around and then we stopped to eat in the heart of the Old Town




I was a little nervous to eat the Mexican food as the last time I had it it did not sit well with me and that is an understatement!! I can still taste that fajita! yuck….but here we were so I was willing to give it another go… and I was not disappointed! the food was fresh and amazing! the food you see in the pic above was served in a volcano rock bowl and it bubbled the whole time… so cool! the food was amazing! bursts of flavors and textures…ok my mouth is watering just remembering! it was simply delicious!! My favorite was the Mexican cheese…sooooooo good!!


When we got back to our resort we were able to move into our new room… it was a private room with our own parking spot and a little garden patio….it felt like we were the only ones there.. well we did have ducks for neighbors! 








I might be addicted to self portraits and pics of my feet! don’t ask and I won’t tell!


more to come later!


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On a new journey and therefore a new blog was the order of the day! I love to write. I love to express myself. I love to brag on my family. This is my journey. My expression. Hoping that somehow someway maybe I can help a person or 2.
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