Disclaimers ….

I just transferred my wedding/honeymoon posts from my old blog…. I recently was married… remarried I guess is the proper term! I never thought I would remarry…never thought many things but my man has smashed my “never’s” into thousands of wonderful pieces. I love blogging.. I LOVE to be heard.. in fact I think you could say I NEED to be heard… it’s my vice! I was getting into trouble for my blogging by people who seem to purpose to misunderstand me and I no longer wish to give them anything to misunderstand. 

I am a woman at 38 years old who can say with 100% honesty I am proud of where I am and who I am today. I have made mistakes and fallen many a time to get where I am today but I know that the power of forgiveness and grace were given to me even though I could never earn them. Freely given and freely received. 

I love my girls fiercely…although at times I think they may be trying to kill me!!! it is the most challenging calling of all…to mother these 4 amazing wonderful stubborn head strong individually different women in the making. Currently aged 10-18 they have as different needs as different ages. Navigating all this with my wonderful husband and allowing him to be the amazing step dad he is to the girls already and we are just a little over a month in… is our new challenge! With faith and spending time immersing in healthy conversation we believe we will overcome this. I am sure a lot of this blog will be about that!

I also work… a lot … I am sure there will be some venting on here about work… it’s a lot and the balance between that and home and parenting and just life… well… it’s a lot and I am not sure there is such a thing as a perfect balance!

I also am trying to have another baby… ok you can pick your jaws up off the floor now… yes I know I am 38 yes I know my oldest who is engaged to be married and almost 19 years old and could literally make me a grandma in the next few years (I might hurt her if she does too soon!jk please don’t call social services :0)… ) and yes my husband is 41 and my youngest child will be 11 in May… ok I am almost talking myself out of it.. haha… almost!! … I love my husband.. he does not have any children of his own! I would LOVE to give him that.. to experience having a child with this man who loves me so completely and utterly may in itself be one of the most amazing experiences of my life… feel free to remind me of that if we are successful and I am up whining about 1 am 3 am and 5 am feedings!! …. I will definitely be blogging about this new adventure…and being an older, wiser woman I am sure the difference between now and when I was 19 and having my first daughter will be night and day!

You might get a few random postings that seem illogical… hey I am a woman!

So basically that about covers it although this is not a contract and I can pretty much do whatever it is I want! ha! I LOVE it!!

so read on my friends….read on!


About lisehouweling1

On a new journey and therefore a new blog was the order of the day! I love to write. I love to express myself. I love to brag on my family. This is my journey. My expression. Hoping that somehow someway maybe I can help a person or 2.
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4 Responses to Disclaimers ….

  1. Knr@uniserve.com says:

    I love love love reading your blogs! Thank you for the invite:) I’m so happy for you and your family xoxo

  2. Rayanne says:

    You are loved despite your insanity! Lol. In all seriousness I am praying God’s richest blessings for you, Paul & the girls… keep walking in the light!

  3. Shayna Montalto says:

    Great Disclaimer Momma. Can’t wait to keep reading to be up to date with you even though I’m all the way in Australia.

  4. Shash says:

    Now you need to blog MORE! 🙂

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